Sunday, 19 July 2009


I didn't know it was possible to take so many pictures of a skipping rope, but here they are! This project really helped me see how may different types of shots you can get just from one object by altering the composition and viewpoint.
I'm still working with me manually setting either aperature or shutter - still haven't mastered manually setting both....

Shutter speed

Enjoyed doing the shutter speed project, took loads of pics of my son running past the camera -poor boy was exhausted by the end! Decided not to post these pics online as they are of him but have put in my paper learning log. Good exercise to understand how the shutter spped affects the shot.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

First steps...first blog.

Finally happy with Project 2, which I have done three times now....but at least I now understand the effect of a wide aperture/low fstop (I know, it's not that hard).

Like the the third shot best as focus is off centre and brings out the flowers well. Although it is more obvious when the photo is large. Also like the shapes of the pots agaist the lines of the path edging.

I have been collecting photos I like from magazines etc. I still really like black and white best and want to take some shots with this in mind in future.